Save Your Business Thousands On Tees

About Us

5-dollar teez was created with business owners of America in mind.
We believe the amazing folks that run these businesses do not have the time to go to screen print shops or have the burden of going online and designing their own shirts."Just to busy"
Of course,
they are to busy creating the pizzas,breakfasts,dinners,plumbing,air conditioning and repairing autos to name a fraction of the businesses owners in this great land take care of every single day.WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME.
Thats where we come in we will design create produce and deliver your businesses needs in a timely,honest and reasonbly priced fashion AND ARE PROUD TO DO IT.
Our family started in a basement 38 years ago and have had the pleasure of servicing giants like JC PENNEY,MACY'S and BOARDWALK PIZZA one of our favorite local Pizzerias.
Looking forward to creating functional and cool looking apparel for you and your business.
We are an Autism Friendly Family and Business